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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 27 2012

Hey family....

 SO first off..... congrats mom and dad for your anniverasary!!! :) You guys are the best parents ever!! LOVE YOU! And a big round of applause for you dad.... you did it!! :) that is so sick you tagged out!! 
  It might be a lil guy... but its still a bull! ;) haha jk that is a good lookin bull!! Its a great first kill with a bow bull!! So how much meat did you get out? The european mount will look really sick! where are you gonna put it? Im so excited for you dude!!! That story is classic!!! You will be able to remember that for forever!! I cant wait to do that when i get home... but im gonna tag a monster... not a lil spike... ;) hahah When is the mount gonna be done?? Are you gonna go back up next weekend for bucks tag? you gotta go back up there man!!! 
 Well i dont have that much time left... i wasted a lot of time looking at the pics and reading the story, and there was something wrong with the internet... Well i love you guys a ton and i will talk to you next week... i will write a lot more next week!! Pura Vida!!!
  Elder Christensen

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