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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 20, 2012

Hey family... how is everyone?? I'm doing really well, not gonna lie... I'm a lil trunky.. my comp is almost dead and talks about home a lot.. and i always am thinking about getting up there on the mountain with you dad.. haha Classic. But i know i need to keep working hard and finish out these next 6 months. It will be fun and awesome!! 
 So that sounds really sick about the beach house and everything.. I'm way excited!!! So what are some of the activities that were gonna do in Guanacaste and stuff? Snorklin, Surfin, Hikin, Eating....?? Whats the plans? Send me some pics of the beach house and everything.. i wanna see it!! Honestly i have no clue about a hotel in San Jose.. does the travel agent not know anywhere? What time does our flight leave from Utah? Are we gonna rent a car or a bus or something?? Tell me some more details about the trip..
  So dad i cant believe you didn't tag out... I'm disappointed.. haha jk.. but seriously. So this weekend you gotta show we what you got man!!! You and BUCK!! Are you not gonna go camp up there or what?? You didn't even tell me details or anything!!! Did you try bugling or anything like that, or did you just spot and stalk?? What are you gonna do to change your method and so you can tag out? You probably just have your draw length too long.. that's probably why its doing that with your bow.. isn't is awesome though??? I cant wait to buy mine! Did Tyler go up with you guys last weekend? did you guys camp there? When are you gonna go with Bridger? Don't forget to talk to him about the outfitter job. You gotta tell me some more details about the hunt and what you guys are planning and stuff!! Those videos were way sick!!! I cant believe the elk are still in velvet... i hate velvet racks!! When are they saying the rut will start then? There is no snow or anything? Let me know your plan for the rest of the season dude!!!
  That would be awesome to get that package.. cuz my shoes have big holes in them. And i don't like my socks cuz they also have holes. So send me like 12 pairs of Nike sports socks please, long and black. And some good shoes that wont break.. good ones to walk in... not like the ones you sent last time... hahah and maybe some cool little things and stuff!!! Maybe a magazine on guns and bows and stuff... cuz the cabala's one does have guns or (HOYT bows), So one with all kinds of new shotguns and rifles and stuff, with their prices, and then the 2013 hoyt magazine. :) PS: Please send me those exact things :)
 So the families we are teaching are awesome... we are having a lot of success.. we just baptised a really cool lady last Saturday.. and her kids are gonna get baptised hopefully this next couple weeks.. just some of them are having problems with their cigarette and beer adictions.. but they really wanna change so it will be awesome! Also we have some other families that should be good for this next month of September! :) So we are really excited for that!! Changes are on the 10th of September... i hope i don't have changes.. i really like this area and my comp... the members are awesome, there are a ton of good families and stuff and so i don't wanna leave.. but we will see!! That is soooo awesome that Nana and Papa did that!! I'm sooo excited to have them in the temple.. now we can all go to the Costa Rican Temple on our trip.! 
 That's awesome mom, you went to Tommys birthday... where was it at?? I bet grandma loved that also!! How did you get invited? Oh and thanks for doing that with my plaque.. i bet it looks awesome!! What pictures did you choose?? What is my plaque like... i didn't know they made me a plaque... is it cool, what does it say? Mom i bet you are way stressed with the girls.. they are really really hard girls... haha but that is awesome that you can pray and receive the strength of the lord to help you!! Your a great mom!!!!
 Well i love you guys a ton!! and talk to you next week!! Love you Mom, Love you Dad, Love you Majerle and Maddi. 
Elder Christensen

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