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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb 27, 2012

Hey Guys!

 So just chillin here in Turrialba. Its really hot today! So yesterday was awesome!!!! I got to go to the baptism of the amazing family that I taught there in Paraiso at 7:30 in the morning right before church.. It was soo cool!! They are the coolest family ever! That's the family that I told you guys about like 4 weeks ago.. He's the one that use to hate stuff that had to do with religion. But the first time we taught him he felt a HUGE desire to read the book of Mormon when we showed him it.. and hes been reading it ever since. I got to baptise Alba, the wife, and confirm the daughter, Stacey, the holy ghost. They are so cool. They got baptised on the 26th of Feb.. and can enter in the temple in one year from now.. but I complete my mission on on the 23rd of Feb... But usually you go home 3 or 4 days after so i will be able to go to their sealing in the temple!! :) or.. I told them they can wait a week after the year mark and I will be here again with you guys... I told them that my family can be there to see the sealing with them... how cool would that be?!! I also got to go to all the church meeting there in Paraiso yesterday.. so I got to see all the members and everyone from my last area... it was soo fun the see everyone again!!! The pictures of the baptism of the family are on the website in the Album of Paraiso.. and I uploaded some more to the Turrialba album. Oh and that iguana we caught and killed it and ate it.. it wasn't a pet. it tasted good tho with the coconut milk that we cooked it with.
  Today we aren't doing anything too fun, just chilin at home watching some church movies and stuff and were gonna order pizza too. haha That's awesome the T and Matt and Sam came over.. I love those guys..  What did you guys all do.. just talk or what?
  I cant believe how hard it is for the contacts.. jeez.. So what do I do about the brand... cuz the brands are probably different there in the states??!! what a hastle.. see if you can call them from there in the states.
 That's crazy Joe and Lisa are leaving... we have to visit them a ton when i get back.. i had a dream about them the other day and i cant remember all the details perfectly but I remember me and joey were talking about the BOM.. and then when I woke up I just felt the desire to teach Lisa about it.. She would be such a good member of the Church.. we gotta teach her the missionary lessons.
 Now we have a bunch of investigators.. like 8 families. But we´ll see what happens with some of them.. There are 3 really amazing families that are practically member.. they are just waiting on their divorce papers from their last marriages.. The one family is suppose to get their papers this next Saturday and then they can get baptised.. they are soo awesome. The other one we are waiting to see if she shows up Single or Married on the legal system.. the lawyer will tell us this Wednesday. The other families just have to get progressing a little more.. but I bet one or 2 of them will get baptised. I restarted to BOM in Spanish again a little bit ago.. I'm in Alma now. Ive read the BOM once in English and once in Spanish.. this will be my second time in Spanish. The other day we found this paper that was just talking bad about the church and how the BOM wasn't true.. i started to read it without knowing.. and I had the worst feeling in my stomach right after it sucked!! it just talked about how Joseph smith was a false prophet and stuff.. and just had stupid little things about the book of Mormon. Not gonna lie.. I felt horrible cuz it really filled my heads with doubts. and I didn't want to work all day.. I just kinda went through the motions of working. But I decided to pray and stuff and its not that I lost my testimony cuz I know the bom is true.. its just some of the stuff it said filled my head with some doubts.. then I started reading the liahona of October 2011 that talks about the Book. I have been studying that ever since. I prayed and felt the spirit so that took the doubts out of my head.. but sometimes they still appear every once in a while.. I KNOW THE BOM IS TRUE... but I wish I had a strong enough testimony that stupid things like that wouldn't bother me.. But I'm working on it. Its obviously true.. just sometimes Satan plays tricks we me ya know?
  Well I love you guys a ton.. talk to you next week.
Elder Christensen

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