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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 14 2012

Hey family,

 Im sad that joe and lisa are actually gone! :( They have to come one the trip when we come back to Costa rica!!
  So today we went to the temple... thats why Pday was moved to Wednesday cuz we went to the temple. It was way cool, i hate traveling to San Jose though cuz we live like 2 hours away... we had to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to get there on time! But it was really cool, i sent some pics of the zone cuz we went as a  zone obviously. Its crazy... i have two old comps in my same zone.. one is the Zone leader(Elder Nelson) and the other is my district leader( Elder Burgerner), its a lot of fun, cuz they were both my favorite two comps.. they are awesome!! I got to do divisions with Elder Nelson yesterday infact.. it was so wierd cuz it was just like the good old times back there in Guacimo. It was cool to work with him again.
 I cant believe you guys had missionaires come to the house.. i swear ive never seen a missionary in one of our wards weve been in! Did you feed them at least? Now i know that when im older ima give the missionaries a ton a food!!! haha Cuz here im dying of hunger!! Thats so sick they were from hawaii and new zealand! So are they the set misisonaries for the ward or what? Mom pretty sure the girls only came down cuz they were a bunch of guys singing... and thought they were cute or something... dont know if that was the spirit... haha jk And just to let you know... every time we start a lesson we sing a hymn... and sometimes when we end a lesson also. So i at least sing to 5 families a day!!
  I cant believe its already spring. Here it kinda always seems like spring for me. but i bet its pretty there also. Are you gonna plant a garden... people here dont have gardens mom.. they have legit farms.. like everyone. haha I cant wait til next week... were goin paintballin again as a zone :)  That would be sick for you guys to go meet the new mission pres.. you guys should definately go to the farewell. Yeah mom i agree.. need to get better at sending me pics... i want to see the house, you guys, roxy, papa and nana, buck and the fam... whatever you can think of. When do my contacts get here?? And what can i do to help my forehead.. im always squinting and i think thats why it always hurts.. my eyes are way sensative so i think it could be the sun also, combined with my bad eye sight. So ya im pretty dang good at spanish now... everyone always says that im amazing at it. Theres a member here that teaches spanish at a highschool here and says that its amazing and better than some of the native speakers.. haha classic. Sometimes theres random words that i dont know.. but thats just cuz i havent studied to whole dictionary....
 Have you not looked up some places on the internet here for the trip?... Like Guanacaste has some sick beaches... flamingo beach, seashell beach.... theres some sick ones.. if we can only go 10 days then maybe I want like 3 days just visiting areas and then the rest chillin.. exploring, scuba diving, beach, going to the main sites of costa rica, hiking to legit waterfalls.. stuff like that i dont know!
   Elder Burgener, my last comp ends his mission of the 29 of march... he gets home on that day.. he said hes gonna come visit you guys like the first week and take you all the cool stuff i bought you guys! I will let you know more details on that later! Elder Burgener is funny, today we all went to the temple and his been really stressed cuz he finishes soon.. and theres this girl that just started writing him that he use to know, hes been thinking what he wants to do after the mish.. like who hes gonna marry and stuff! So he told me that hes been getting ready to ask Heavenly Father if she was the one while in the temple to recieve revalation and stuff... so he said while he was in the celestial room his heart was pounding cuz he was nervous to find out the answer.. so then her started praying about her and stuff and reading the BOM and stuff.. and then read a scripture about how you how to make covenants with your wife and treat her well in the book of mormon, haha what a coinsidence huh? And he hadnt asked a specific question yet cuz he was to nervous... his heart was poundin like crazy he said... and then finally he asked a direct and specific question to Heavenly Father and right after his heart just went calm and he felt like the biggest peace ever.. so he got his answer that she is the one... so hes all excited!! haha Classic!!

  We have some pretty sick families right now.. so we will se what happens! We are workin hard.

 Well love you guys,
 Elder Christensen

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