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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hey fam! how is everyone? im doin good! :)

 Im so jealous you went fishin dad... at least you caught one... theres something wrong with you and buck... everytime you go fishing or hunting you get skunked or just catch one... Tyler is the only one that has success haha
  So this week has been good... we are teaching 8 new families that are pretty sick!! 2 of them are amazing so well see what happens!! Yesterday was the conference of centralamerica.. it was cool we had it braudcasted there in the chapel.. Elder Packer, Elder Clayton and Elder Clark talked, and the prophet monsons daughter also. It was really good.
   So Burgener heads home not this thursday but the next one he will be home in his house! Crazy huh!  Hes not very excited.. hes sad.  My comp right now, Elder Garcia, is alright... we are working hard together and everything but well see what happens in these next changes!! So im sending a bunch a pics.... hope you guys like them! When are you guys gonna go coyote huntin dad? you guys need to get out hunting more!! Its sad that you guys dont!!

  So thanks for all the pics.. those were sick!! you guys needa send more pics and send them more often also!!! i cant believe majerle and maddi are switching schools again!!! what crazies!!!! Well ive been talking to some members about the prettiest places here, and everyone says in guanacaste... so just look for the prettiest resort there and we can go there!! That will be sick!!! Thats sick that you got the company turned around dad... im proud a ya! Just keep bustin your butt so we can make some bank baby!
 Thats way cool that jake is hittin it up with that blonde girl... shes pretty hot! And shes LDS... which would be amazing for him!! We gotta bring everyone back to the church.. Jake, Joe, Lisa, Tonya, Nate, EVERYONE!! that would be so sick!! That would be awesome to have everyone in the temple when i got married and stuff. And at least papa and nana when i get back from the mish!!!
 Well i love you guys.. talk to you soon
ELder Christensen

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