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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

oct 1 2012

Hey family,

 I'm doing really well!! I love the mish. We are working hard and everything is going well. We did actually baptise that other family, it was awesome. It was also a part member family! The guy finally got baptised and is loving it!! It was cool to baptise two families in 2 weeks. Hopefully we have some more baptisms soon. Our goal is to baptise every week before my comp heads home on the 25th of October. This week we were hoping to have a baptism, but we forgot its general conference... so we will see if we can do it in between sessions on Saturday or Sunday.. maybe. If not we have some other families that can get baptised soon, but we will see what happens!! I want you to meet some of these families too. Between the 3 days that we will be here in San Jose, we have a lot of stuff to do. haha There is also a place here called Gringo Alley, its a HUGE alley way of booths with like souvenirs and cool stuff from Costa Rica, we will have to go there!! Then the temple, and meet my Pres. and all the members and my converts. I will probably wanna go to church here in this ward on the first Sunday we are here though, so tell everyone to bring there church clothes.. even Jake and Tonya and stuff!!! :) Jake can still come right?? Everyone bought there tickets and everything already? What is the hotel called here in San Jose? Marriott what? All the activities there in the beach resort are all inclusive.. or do we have to pay more to be able to like 4wheel and ride horses? 
  My comp already has his flight plans, crazy huh, he gets home at 8 o'clock at night on the 25th. I hope i get home around 5 or 6ish in the afternoon. You know what would be sick also, i will probably have a lay over there in Texas, so maybe like Joe and Lisa, and Brock and chase can come meet me there in the Texas airport for the layover. And i could see them and stuff and visit!! I would love that so much!! but we will have to plan it with them later! 
  You got the new iPhone? that is so sick!! What is different from the iPhone 4s? That is awesome that you finished Home Coming week mom, i bet they did awesome. You are so good with teenager girls. Young Women's and Cheer Squad. I cant believe Braden got put to center, that will be cool, hows he looking for the NFL? that would be awesome if he could go, i bet he will!! So is it weird that it is already Halloween, here they definitely do not celebrate Halloween cuz they think it is worshiping the devil.. haha They are so freaked out that we celebrate it! Funny huh? Next weekend will be sick, we are gonna watch conference in the chapel here in La Loma. So i will be cool!! La Loma is like part of San Jose, and part of Desamparados, which is like saying Draper is part of Salt Lake City. So we will be really close on our trip for the first three days. 
  Today we went to Gringo Alley to buy stuff for Lamo, nick nacks for the fam. It was cool, and then we went to Costco and bought food, and ate pizza again. Now we are gonna go home and take a nap. and then we have a family home evening with a member family and some investigators. So it should be good. 
  So dad the seasons for elk are perfect to hunt in Utah and Colorado, the draw is in February and April, so we gotta put in for them both. Then we gotta get into duck hunting!! Too bad Joe is in Texas cuz i really wanna get into that also. I think i made my decision about school being in the summer, cuz if i do school in the winter and fall, i wont be able to focus, cuz church and hunting on the weekends would be really hard, but if i study in the summer then in the fall i can hunt during the week and then focus on church on Sunday and stuff. right? i could do an apprentice for a dentist or orthodontist while studying also, what do you think about that?
  Well I'm excited to finish out strong these last 5 months, and help these families get converted to the gospel. I love you guys so much. Talk to ya later
Elder Christensen

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