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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9th, 2012 - My New Area! Happy New Year!

What up family.

 So I'm here in Paraíso having a blast, my comp is way sick. His name is Elder Burgener and hes from pleasant grove Utah. He has 22 months in the mission and so hes pretty much done. He is a hunter also so we have a lot in common. He is not that into hunting but still loves it. He knows a guy that could get me hook ups after the mish to be a guide. That's what i really would love to do, start out as the pack boy or something for a hunting outfitter and work up to be a guide. I would love that!! so well see.
 Here in Paraíso we are working like beasts. We have 8 families that we are teaching and they are all bomb. In one day we found 27 new investigators to teach. I love this area its sooo awesome. There are families everywhere!! So I'm way excited to teach them the gospel. Were suppose to have 2 family baptisms on the 28th so thatll be sick. Also here in this area its a ward with about 140 active members, a lot bigger than all my other areas. The first Sunday way sooo awesome, we had 2 families come to church and all the members here are soo cool. Also we live in a huge house. Its actually a ladies house and we live in half of it, and its way way nice, i love it. And also the lady that lives there is like our mom. Like she takes care of us sooo well. She washes our clothes like 3 times a week. She cooks snacks for us every second. Her husband owns a butcher shop and so she is always cooking us meat and bringing it over to us. She isn't a member but she practically is. Its such a nice set up, she baby's us so much haha
 So i need contacts... i went and got my vision tested and its not horrible but i cant see things that are far away and I'm always squinting. SO I'm gonna send a picture of my subscription to you guys so you can buy me some contacts there and send me them. Cuz here they are soooo expensive. Send them soon please. I got the Christmas packages, they were awesome, thanks a lot. But i gave the ipod touch to president cuz its against the rules. So hes gonna keep it til the end of the mish. Thanks for all the candy and toys for the kids and stuff. I got Nana and papas package also, its awesome, a cowboys pillow!! I also bought new shoes and they are pretty sick, I just have blisters cuz i had to break them in , but now they re fine.
 Thats sick we have so many skymiles to go to Costa Rica! I'm sooo excited to bring everyone back to see it!! And were definitely going on a hunting trip when i get back with some of those miles, Alaska? Kansas?
Omg Majerle and Maddi are horrible, they are weird lil girls! Tell them i love them but they need some mental help. haha
Well i love you all, tell all the friends and relatives i love and miss them a ton!
 Elder Christensen

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