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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 11 month aniversary!!!

 What up guys? I'm doing well here in Paraíso. Me and my comp are doing very well also. Last week we had 45 contacts of families, which normally in a week you have like 7. ha ha. But we are teaching some awesome families and hoping to see the fruits this next month of February. The family that is progressing the most is the family that was going to get baptised the 28th but now cant cuz they've only been to church once and need at least two times in the chapel to get baptised. So we just gotta move it a little further into Feb. But they are still awesome and progressing and everything. We've been teaching a lot of new families also though. Yesterday we came across a family of Jehovah Witnesses... There are actually a lot of them here. We contacted them and started talking about eternal families... they told me that there is no way that a family can live together forever and that only 144,000 people are going to live in Heaven with God. I chopped their head in this moment because I have been studying a little about what Scriptures they use to think that in the bible, I opened to that verse where it says that and you just gotta read a little further down and it say a group a people that is uncountable will live with God also.. and they were like... OH wow... we didn't read that part... ha ha it was so funny, and their beliefs are ridiculous. But also sad that they don't even think they will be able to live with God one day.
  For my birthday there in Guacimo i just worked like normal, we actually did divisions so i was in a place called Siqierres with another elder. It was good tho, but the next day back in my area, some members made we some really good food called Chicarones, which is like pig fat and skin fried.. its really good. my new shoes are good, i just got a bunch of blisters tho cuz i had to brake them in and everything. That's crazy Joe and Lisa are moving to Texas, that's awesome and sad at the same time.
 So im almost bout to complete a year.. i guess that means its time for you to start getting my stuff ready... saving some money to buy me my new Duramax and my new Hoyt baby :)
Alright ill go back to the doctors to get the prescription for my contacts, but glasses and contacts here are really really expensive.. we aren't gonna buy them here. Also dad you need to send me my information that i need to open the account on Utah wildlife to put in for my tags and everything... send it for the next email. How much did you buy my ipod touch for, i think i might sell it to my comp when he leaves. How are we doing with the trip back here, have you planned everything or what??
Well i love you guys a ton. Talk to you next week, ill probably send some pics next week :)
Elder Christensen

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