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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2nd, 2012

What up family.
 The holidays were really good. I loved being there in Guacimo for the holidays. We ate sooooo much food, all the members fed us soooo much. All they eat here during the holidays are tamales, they are sometimes gross but most of the time pretty good. But everyone makes them and they spend all day and make like 300 at a time. its really crazy. We also went to a members house for the 31st, it was really fun, we sang karaoke... it was hilarious!! I'm gonna miss guacimo a lot.
 I had changes again, right now I'm in a place called Paraíso (paridise in spanish) I just got here like a couple hours ago, i have another gringo for a comp, hes from Pleasant Grove. He seems way cool so far, so I'm excited. We share the area with sister missionary's again, so that will be weird. these next weeks there are a TON of missionaries coming in, like 70 new ones haha crazy huh?
 I found out i had changes last Saturday, so we spent the weekend saying goodbye to the members and stuff. They gave me sooo much food cuz i was leaving!! And also the 2 other families that are gonna get baptised next couple weeks were really sad that i had to leave. I taught each one of the for the last time and they were like crying and i almost cried once. I taught them about temple marriage and how they need to get baptised so they can get sealed as an eternal family, and can enter the temple in a year... so ill be able to go to their sealings. :) They are also gonna invite me to they baptisms, and president will let me go to them when they do. So that will be cool. I hope they get baptised sooo bad, but you know how things can happen!
 I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new years and everything!! I love and miss everyone. Love you guys!! I'm gonna send some pics
 Elder Christensen

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  1. I served in Guácimo from October 1994-Feb. 1995. I was just looking on google maps, and I can't find the church building. Did something happen to it? It's not a high-resolution scan, but it not where I expected it to be. It looks like an empty field. It used to be on la calle vieja on the way to Guacamaya, right by the main highway heading towards Guápiles. If you're allowed to comment, I'd love to know if it's still there. I used to live with Maruja Rodriguez Chaves, but I don't think she's active anymore.