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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letter June 8 2011

Hola familia!
Pura Vida!
how are you all? i miss you guys a ton, some days are way hard and some days are way great, but thats the life of a missionary haha 
So yeah i feel a lot better, my tooth was just throbing for like a week and turns out that i had a rootcanal. haha classic!! but the dentist fixed it and im all good now :), you guys might already know this but theres probably 70 mil colones missing from my acount, i had to pay the dentist, the mission doesnt pay for it :( pero, the dentista is a new investagator we have now, we are teaching him now haha hes way cool. The dentist work here is so cheap its 12 mil to fix a cavity(which is like 24 bucks)haha and it was only 70 mil(130 bucks) for the root canal and the crown to fix everything, crazy huh! So im all good now.
We have 3 different babtism dates!! One is on the 17th of june, Juan! Another on the 25 of june, Gerardo. and the next one is on the first saturday of july, Daniel and his family. cool huh! Even tho last week kinda sucked cuz i was sick and then had a root canal and we lost like 5 of the families that we were teaching, we now how 3 babtism dates :) so im excited!! 
The other day when we were going to the zipline place it was closed cuz it was raining so hard :( but maybe ill get to do it soon. I had my pday today instead of monday this week cuz it was changes today. So we went to san jose and it was cool. We have a new elder in our district and he seems pretty cool, so esta bien. Im feelin good about spanish now, a couple days ago i had a dream that was mostly in spanish and a little inglish. and i woke up and felt like i could say anything it was cool. and then the next morning i woke up and felt like i havent learned barely any spanish at all ;( haha it was way weird. but i know ive learned a ton of spanish. The other gringos say that all you need to do is read the book of mormon out loud for like an hour a day. so thats what ive been doin, and its helped a lot. i can pretty much understand everything that im reading and my accent is getting soooo tuanies!! 
I got the package today but havent opened it yet. but thanks :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also there are two books that i want, no need. One is called Exploring the lands of the book of mormon. the other is called Lds guide to Meso-America, you can purchase them on and but the dillivery adress as the mission home adress. i NEED these books so please order them right after you read this :) gracias.!!!!!
This last week has been really long and i feel like ive been here forever :( but i hope this week will be much better!! im working hard and trying to find families to teach!! I love you guys a ton, and talk to you next monday!!

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