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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, May 30, 2011

5/30/2011 photos and letter

Hola Familia,
So this last week i was sick a lil :( i was throwing up and stuff for a day and a half! it sucked sooo bad!!! and then now i think one of my cavity coverings came of and my tooth hurts soooooooo bad! ugh!! so im gonna go to the dentist and see whats up!! oh and to top it all off, the family that was progressing so well dropped us!! :( just one day we were going to teach them and we got there and they were like "it will be better if we just stay in our own church" and all this stuff... it was so frustrating, cuz they were our best investigators and they were so cool!! ugh. So last week wasnt the best.. pero esta bien. But yesterday we had a much better day, we had a good amount of people at church, two of our investigadors came to church with us. then later that day we followed up one of our contacts that we had, and he is so cool, he has a family and another family lives with them too, so we could have 6 babtisms total just from this one house, and they are all pretty interested!! tambien we have a date of a babtism for the 11 of june, for Juan, hes a guy that we got a refferial to and we taught him and his commited to be babtised that date! then Jader, one of our old investagors called us yesterday also and said he wants to be babtised! so we set a date with him also for the 18 of june! That all happened in one day of that horrible week, so we were excited!!! i just need to get this tooth fixed :(
Right now im on splits with another elder in our district because my comp had to go to a meeting in san jose. So right now im in a place called Zurqui. Its a lot closer to the country, its cool, we were gonna go do the ziplines today, but its raining :( but we still might right after this :) cool huh? and if not, were gonna go explore in the rainforest! im excited!!
I havent got the package yet but well see. I want a book called "Exploring the land of the Book of Mormon" it looks soo cool, one of the members showed me it and i need it, so if you wanna send me it, sounds great!!
Thats sick you got a deer tag dad, better bag one this year, when does the season start?? Did you not buy a turkey tag? Hows the new shop doin? You should give Christensen Electric a new name, like more exotic and mas tuanies. Did you jack up your truck yet?
Mom i miss you a ton, Hows work? Hows teaching majerle to drive? What else have you been up to?
Majerle y Maddi, i miss you guys too i guess.. what have you been up to? hows soccer maddi? hows not having braces anymore??
well i love you all a ton, talk to you next week!!
Love, Elder Christensen

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