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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy Costa Rica- May 16 2011 letter

Hola Familia, como estan?
So this place keeps getting crazier and crazier... hahah about three days ago we were walking our usual route to hermana luzs house and we were just walking along, and all the sudden i saw another way we could take to get to the house just for fun. so we started to turn off our usual trail through the park, about we were about 20 feet from the path we usually take,,, then all the sudden... BOOM BOOM BOOM!! 20 feet away from us was a guy that just got shot by another cop. we were right next to them and if we went our usually way 20 feet to the left.. we probably wouldve been caught in the cross fire and shot! haha now that is definately the spirit that prompted me to move just barely to be safe! crazy huh! but it was cool to see a guy get shot right in front of us! haha he had a gun and was about to shoot the cop but the cop shot him first, they the other two cops ran to him and were slapping him with their night sticks hahaha classic. There have been a ton of shootings this week, like 2 each day. it was weird at first but ive gotten use to it! just at random times were here BANG BANG, someone just got shot. its a crazy place!
    Pero our investagadores are doing awesome! we have 2 families that were pretty sure theyre gonna get babtized, but well see! the first family there names are Ricardo and Marylou, they have 3 kids, they are 12,7, and 4. they are way cool! They love the book of mormon and are way excited always to learn more about it! i love teaching these people about the book of mormon because its about their ancestors the mayans(lamanites) and stuff. its my favorite thing to teach because i can apply to them so easily and you know how much i love mesoamerican culture stuff! but we teach that family again today and were gonna set a babtismal date hopefully today for the first week of the next month. then our other family that are doing really well, there names are, Harold, Jaquilin, and they have 4 kids, one girls thats 22, a 15 yearold boy, a 5 year old girl, and a 4 year old boy also! there are a really cool family, we met Harold when we were taking a taking home cuz it was late and we didnt want to walk and hes a taxi driver, and he was driving us home and we started talking to him and got his info and stuff, they are way cool! Jaquilin is very interested in familias eternas, and she wants to know more, the first lesson we told her that she can live with her family after this life and she was like "what?? HOw??" haha it was funny so she way excited about it, and Harold is way interested in el libro de mormon tambien.
  When i get home im probably gonna hate kids just to let you guys know.... when were teaching every families kids just talk and talk the whole time and its so hard to teach with little kids there!!! haha ugh its frustrating but oh well,,, i still love them!! We have about 4 other families besides those two great families but they arent growing as much in the gospel as the others. but were still teaching them :) and looking for new families like crazy!!
  Yesterday we had dinner at the bishops house again, i think hes gonna invite us over every sunday night, haha but we had like the crape kinda things with fresh mangos and piƱas that were sauted in a skillet on top of the crapes.... so good :) with fresh juice from this fruit that i dont know the name of but its really good!!! besides that we pretty much have rice and beans everyday. haha for most meals anyways. for breakfast we ether go to the bakery right next to our house and get fresh baked things that i dont know how to explain but theyre amazing and way cheap, or we go to one of the fruit stands on the side of the streets and get some fruit.
Ugh i cant wait to bring you guys back here after my mish and show you!! i want to come back right about im down with everyone and have you meet all the members and everything and show you my areas!! so start savin your money, and tell nana papa, joe lisa, the hansens and everyone else theyre coming also!!! so tell them to save up too :) haha im dead serious.
but im having fun, i can feel my spanish progressing, but ugh its frustrating when you want to say something to them to help them that you know it would help them but you dont know how to say it in freaking spanish!!!! haha but esta bien. I just finish the Book of Mormon today, i started the night i got into the MTC, and have been reading it every day since, and just finished it all the way through!! Ugh i love the BOM, all i think about when i read it is the mayans and stuff and how much it makes sense!! i love the book of mormon haha
I have a few thing i need: Spiker gel, the gel here doesnt work haha, 2 more pairs of pants, 1 white shirt, several pairs of bottom garments, mesh por favor. The movie "The Restoration" the 20 minute long one so we can use it when we teach the restoration to people. A USB adapter thing for my SD card so i can send you pics and what not. and i dont know what else but if you can think of anything useful send me it :) esta bien. muchas gracias.
By the way.. the earthquake wasnt big at all.. we were walking when it happen and it was like less than 5 seconds and didnt damage anything haha Oh and last tuesday... we were walking and all the sudden we see this sheet of raing about 20 feet in front of us haha and all the sudden it hit us and we were soaked!!! remember the scene in the movie Jumanji, when it floods in the house... well you can pretty much picture it like that.. haha the streets were seriously like rivers because theres so much rain!! its rained like that 3 times this week, and its rained at least once a day! w
    Well i love you all :) talk to you soon,
Pura Vida!!    Elder Christensen

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