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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6 2012

Hola familia,

 how is everyone?? im doing great, yesterday was an awesome sunday... we had 3 family investigators in church and 12 people total... it was bomb. Our investigators are sooo bomb, they all have such strong testimonies, 4 of them are getting babtized on the 11 this saturday, the other two families are getting babtized on the 25th of this month also... but theres only one problem.... i have changes AGAIN!! they called us last night and told us,,, i was so mad and upset!! but then they told me that Turrialba, the area right next to my area is where im going, ive been there like 3 times already and its way close... so that is the only upside about it. President gave me permission to go to all the babtisms that we have this month. so that'll be way cool. But im still mad im leaving this area, this is my favorite area so far!
   But anyways... today is gonna be fun, guess what were doing... the whole zone is going paintballing... sick huh? were going at 2 o clock today. haha The sister missionaries and some members are also going! So maddi like the dance but marjerle didnt.. why? haha What did it say in the girls blessings? are they gonna have husbands or kids? I wanna go to disneyland too, theyre lucky! And kenzie is soo blonde... haha classic, that would be sick to room with her after the mish, cuz i wanna go to UVU also. Im glad the super bowl was a good game. and you guys got to have a good time with Joe and Lisa before they head to the big T.
  I uploaded some more pictures so you can check it out. I gotta apply for my bonus points today, im excited... did you see the new Hoyts?? they are soooo sick!!!!!! I want a 2012 durramax dad.. duh! haha Have you jacked yours up yet so you dont look like a grandpa...? Thats crazy taylor and samee are getting married,,, are they really serious? That would be so awesome if Papa and Nana could go to the temple with us here. i hope so!!
  Well i love you guys a ton and will talk to you soon.
Elder Christensen

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