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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey fam.

So I'm kind of mad... you guys went to Disneyland without me... wow!!! haha jk that's way sick.. so did you guys hit up long beach? That sounds so fun. That's so awesome that Brennan took state!!! He must be way bomb!!
 So last Saturday we had our baptisms there in Paraìso. It was good, I got to baptise them. It made me sad tho cuz I still wish i was there in that area, but whatever. President pulled me aside last week and told me that he knows I didn't wanna leave Paraìso but he needs me there in Turriabla cuz its struggling. Then he said I have permission to go to all the baptisms that we have this month in Paraîso. So i get to go to the baptism of my family on the 25th! I'm excited!!
  My new comps name is Elder Garcia, hes from Honduras and way cool. He has about 14 months in the mish, pretty much the same as me. Its so weird being right next to your old area. That usually never happens.
   So my eyes are horrible, I just don't have time ever to go check them and get the prescription for the contacts, I need to go tomorrow. So I'll probably send you the prescription this week. But try to get the contacts ASAP when you get the info.
 Paintball was a blast!! Me and my comp, elder Burgener, dominated... we never died once and destroyed everyone. He wants to put a team up when we get back and enter in some tournaments, id love to get back into paintball.! The place here was pretty cool, it had 3 different fields, all outdoors. They only had Tippmann 98s, not my favorite but it was alright for Costa Rica. haha It was kinda expensive, 14 bucks to play and it came with 200 balls.
  So did you get my bonus points put in dad?? If not get that done please.!!! How is your work dad? how many employees do you have now?
 Well love you guys a ton and talk to you next week
 Elder Christensen

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