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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Day in Costa Rica

Im finally here!!! :) its soo pretty!! we got there when it was dark but the president Galvez picked us up and was sooo coool!! he and sister Galvez are awesome!!! and they took us from the airport straight to the temple!! and we walked around it and talked and he told us what the plan was for the next coulple days and everything! it was cool, we took pictures at the temple and stuff! then we came to the mission office and filled out some papers and stuff and then went to the mission home and get a lil situated and were just chilling out on the balcony outside... it was way cool then went to sleep, woke up and went to the police department and filled papers out, then went to the US embasy and got out residence thing! and then came back and had an amazing breakfast with fresh fruit and what not. and now im emailing you guys haha and then we have to just do some stuff and what not, then tomorrow we find out who our companions are and where we are going :) so im excited! i have a stomach ache tho :9 perro esta bien!! haha well love you guys, we just got to tell you that were here safe and sound! oh and the plane ride here was sooo cooool!! there was a Costa Rican soccer team of about 70 kids on the plane, they were like all 14-15 years old, and we were talkin to them and having fun is spanish haha and we got some adresses and what not :) well i love you guys so much and talk to you all soon!!!
Elder Christensen

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