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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Assignment

Dear family,
well you´ll never guess where my area is......haha its in a city called Tibás! and its the most dangerous place in all of Costa Rica haha they dont allow the police or the ambulance here cuz its so dangerous haha cool huh? but its crazy! for some reason im feeling just a little sick, i have a stomache ache, maybe i need to drink more water or something but its all good!
It was weird talking to you guys on the phone!! it was cool tho! My new companions name is Elder Vasquez, he doesnt speak any english! haha but its all good!!
So last night i went tracting with some other elders that have been here a while! it was craaazzy! haha it was soo cool, we knocked on the first door and were talking to this family for a bit, and we taught them about the book of mormon and stuff it was cool and i explained what it was, and they understood everything i said haha and then after that house we went a couple doors down and there was this family out on their porch. so we asked them if they had time and they said like 5 minutes so we talked them about eternal families, and then we set up an appointment to come back, then we went a few more doors down and there was another family, we asked them if we could come in and teach them and they said yes. so we went in and got to know them, it was a family of 6, 4 kids, and we talked to them about christ coming to the acient americas and about the book of mormon and they sounded wayy intrested!! it was soo cool and we got their number and everything and it was cool! :)
    im way excited but i know this new area im in is gonna be hard, cuz my comp doesnt speak spanish and its weird but its all good! well i love you all and we just got to tell you im in my area and what not! so love you!
Elder Christensen

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