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Cole's dinner

Cole's dinner
Hunting in Costa Rica

Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey family!
  So im doing well here! thats so crazy that i only have 7 months
left.. it kinda seems like a long time still though!! haha Im soo
happy that Papa retired and stuff! Thats sooo sick! Now he doesnt have
any excuses not to go hunting or anything!! So i got my bible today!
:) it is awesome! cabelas edition baby! So those pics from the trail
cam arent very good... what brand of trail cam did you get? is it a
cuddeback or a bushnell or a crap brand? holy cow that is awesome that
you got the binos man!! im so excited to use those bad boys!! So how
much time are you gonna take off work for the season dad? You need to
take advantage and get out there every day!! That will be so sick to
go back with horses and stuff.. im excited for you! You gotta tag a
big one man!!
  So last saturday we babtised a kid and a lady... it was cool. The
kids name is Walter and he is 17, he is a professional paintballer and
a hunter also.. his dad is like a crazy hunter also... the pics with
the deer on the wall was in his house! His girlfriend is a member and
everything.. he is was cool, and told me that when i come hes gonna
take me huntin here in Costa Rica.. for deer, crocadiles, and stuff...
even though its ilegal here hahah So where are you thinking the beach
house is gonna be? Its gotta be right on the beach!! And make sure it
is awesome! haha
 Thats awesome you are doing that man.. you gotta get ready to hit up
the beaches... but dad told me about the deal that you guys maid.. so
you gotta come through with that!! That is good majerle dumped he
loser boyfriend... hopefully she can smarten up a bit here!! That will
be good for her to get into cheer!! Hopefully maddi will get focused
on her grades also!! Those crazy girls!!
 So who all is going on the trip back here? Have you invited the
hansens or anyone like that? i want chase and braden and brock and
kenzie and everyone to go too!! Talk to them!
  Well i gotta go.. i love you guys a ton!! talk to ya later!
 Elder Christensen

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